Mostar Half Marathon 2020, Organized by the Association “Healthy Life – Kinezis”, with the support of Mostar Sports Federation.

Promotion of a healthy life style throughout organization of „Mostar Run Weekend“ manifestation. We want to point out the benefits of running and to also host recreational runners from the whole world and promote Mostar and Herzegovina in the best way. Furthermore, throughout organization of the race for children, the goal is to create a habit for physical training since childhood. Throughout the race for citizens, which will be humanitarian, we want to point out the ones who are in need for aid. We will also organize professional conference within domain of running where we will discuss technique, preparations, injuries, as well as eating habits and influence of running on different aspects of life.

Pogledajte osvrt na događanja vezana uz MHM 2019. godine kao i najavu Half Marathona 2020. godine.

/ See  how it was in 2019 an see the announcement of 2020 Mostar Half Marathon

Službena majica Mostar Half Marathona 2019.

 /An official T-shirt of Mostar Half Marathon 2019.

Od ove godine imamo službeni certifikat mjerenja staze.

/Since this year MHM has an official certificate of measurement.